Write/Create For Noncoverage

Want to submit game recaps for NCAA football and in-depth analysis of the NBA playoffs? Sure. We also cover beer pong, college life and tailgating.

Here, We Provide Noncoverage

A list of the caddies with the worst advice (or mustaches) at the Masters? This is the place. Videos featuring the best hockey hair in Minnesota? Sure, why not. How about the ugliest Christmas sweaters in sports? That sounds fun, right? We compiled a list of the places people can find them. The kind of stuff you won’t find on ESPN or Bleacher Report.

We’re looking for contributors of all kinds who are interesting, funny and understand social media.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to contribute fun, fresh content, contact us via email at noncoverage@gmail.com. We will respond to all emails within two weeks, so there is no need to check on the status of your message.

Does Noncoverage Pay?

Yes! We pay specific rates for individual articles, depending on length. We’re also looking for regular contributors for written content as well as video submissions.

Individual Articles & Content

As mentioned above, we don’t cover sports like some other sites out there. We don’t do “hot takes.” We cover the fans. The quirks. The amateur superstars. The following is a general overview of the kinds of content we’re looking for. But, really, we’re looking for your ideas too, so get in touch and let’s talk.
• Odd or Fun Sports Related Lists
• “How To” Articles explaining topics like how to tailgate, how to play various drinking games, what to do in the event of losing your tickets right before a game, etc.
• Curated Lists of Memes & Videos. Give it a theme and a unique angle on the content.

Regular Contributors

If you read the section above and thought, “Hey, I could contribute 2-4 pieces of content like that per week,” then you’re in luck. We need people to submit quality content in a timely manner.

Beer Pong Correspondents

We’re looking for multiple beer pong enthusiasts to submit 1-2 pieces of written content per week, along with simple videos from beer pong games or tournaments. If you’re funny, semi-responsible and know how to make a solid YouTube video, get in touch.


Have a high-quality video that relates to sports, college life or beer pong? Send the link to noncoverage@gmail.com. If we dig it, we’ll be in touch and work out a deal/payment to share and promote it on our site. And if we really dig it, maybe we can work out an arrangement to pay you for regular content moving forward.