Who Has It Worse: Vikings Fans or Bills Fans?



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NFL fan bases come in two primary categories.

You have the ones who are “optimistic” and think they can win it all any given year. They brag about their team by saying how much better they are than your team. You know, Cowboys fans, for example.

And you have the fans who take perverse pleasure in reveling in their franchise’s futility, who tell themselves that rooting for a bad team is boring, but rooting for a historically bad team is something to take pride in. Think Cubs fans, but for the NFL.

So, basically, Lions fans.

But there are two franchises that belong in this category that have especially heartbreaking histories. Fans who each year think, maybe, just maybe, this is when it’ll happen, even though deep down they know they’re cursed.

Actually, these teams have a lot in common — they’ve had some brutal, historically rough losses, and each has played in exactly four Super Bowls without a win to show for it. But who has it worse? We’re going to break down the ache that lives deep in the hearts of Vikings fans and Bills fans to see just which is the saddest fan base of all.