Falcons Debut “Fan First Pricing” So You Can Finally Afford A Hot Dog

Have you ever stopped to realize just how astronomical food prices are at sporting events? What’s really disturbing is just how desensitized we’ve all become to it. Sure, some justify it by saying this is the best way the stadium can make money, or that anyone else would do the same in their position. Thankfully, it seems that while we are at the mercy of the stadium, one such arena has decided mercy is exactly what we deserve.

The Atlanta Falcons have announced they will be opening their Mercedes-Benz Stadium on August 26th with a brand new “Fan First Menu!”

This new concept was created specifically with the fans in mind. Arthur Blank, the owner of the Falcons, approved this idea.

“We focused from the beginning on building a unique fan experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium with a goal of helping those who visit to leave the stadium with great memories shared with family and friends, not aggravation and frustration about their experience,” said Blank.

The frustration in question is that you need to be equipped with over a hundred dollars in cash to be ready for the vendors who walk by, especially if you have kids with you. Plus, these prices don’t even result in quick service if you leave your seat. The experience of peanuts and Cracker Jack at the ball game just isn’t worth it now. Cracker Jack doesn’t even have decent prizes inside anymore. Who wants a paper pencil topper?! Although, with this new Fan First Initiative, all that is about to change.

$2 Refillable Soda, $2 Hot Dogs, $3 Nachos, $3 Waffle Fries, $5 Cheeseburgers and more.

Stadiums haven’t seen prices like this in a very long time. So believe it or not, a sports arena and Mercedes-Benz are responsible for looking out for the everyman. Who would’ve seen that coming?

Sadly, there is only so much that those outside the Atlanta area can do to encourage this. So this is a call-to-action for all you Falcon Fans out there. We NEED you to support this initiative. If Atlanta fans prove that this is actually more advantageous for stadiums, more will follow suit. This would result in the break sports fans deserve in their own hometowns.

As generous as this approach is, it seems doubtful that stadiums will elect to cut their profits for long, just to be nice to their fan base, even if we’ve earned it. So now, those of you lucky enough to embrace it, enjoy this for all of us. Revel in the fact that going to a sports game can be fun and affordable and something that family and friends can love together.

In short, thank you to the Atlanta Falcons for being pioneers and caring about your fans.

David Lee