Why You Should Never Leave A Game Early To Beat Traffic

Jess Matarazzo

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Sometimes it really looks like a game is over.

Your team’s winning by 30 points and you know the other team has no shot. Or worse. Your team’s down by 30 points and you can’t possibly bear to watch any more of this sickening affair.

When it appears the outcome of the game is set in stone, leaving early can seem pretty appealing. But I’m gonna give you some advice going into this season:

Do. Not. Leave. Early. To. Beat. Traffic.

I know, the rush of everyone getting up to leave at once is awful. I know, the thought of spending an hour trying to get out of the parking lot alone is a nightmare. But don’t do it.

A game is not over until it’s over. Crazy comebacks have been made in the last quarter of a game, even in the last few minutes. If you leave early and miss the amazing end of a game that’s gonna go down in history, you’ll really regret it.

And it does happen. Want proof? Here you go.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — 2003

You had a long day of work that you were able to get through solely for the anticipation of Monday Night Football. There’s five minutes left and your team’s winning 35-14.

You have work again in the morning and your team’s got this, so you’ll beat the rush of people. You’ll be thankful in the morning when you missed that extra bit of traffic, right?


Any fan in Tampa during their Monday night game against the Colts in 2003 probably didn’t know what hit them when they got home. Peyton Manning led the Colts to a crazy comeback in the last four minutes of the game, sending it right into overtime, where they kicked a field goal to win the game. Imagine leaving in great spirits only to get home and find out that you lost.

Jess Matarazzo