The MLB Pitcher Who Got Struck By Lightning (And Finished The Game)



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When sports fans who have “strong opinions” about “these millennials” talk about how players were “tougher back in my day,” they’re usually full of shit.

Everyone is going to think that the players they grew up watching were inherently better than the soft athletes to follow, but they’re almost always wrong about that. However, that cannot be said about Ray Caldwell, who is the only pitcher in the history of baseball who can call every single player a wuss for missing a game due to injury.

Here’s some basic information about this dynamic player.

For example, he pitched the first game at Fenway Park.


This is more just a fun fact than anything else, but when the Yankees (then called the Highlanders) played the first game at the newly opened Fenway Park in 1912, Ray Caldwell was the man throwing the first pitch. He also pitched the first game at Emmet’s Field, but no one really cares about that now.