Five teams with no chance to win Super Bowl 51

It’s never too early to play the prediction game, and now that the 2016 NFL Draft is over, let’s discuss five NFL teams that have zero chance of winning it all next season. If you happen to be a fan of one of these clubs, we apologize in advance (for your hardships, not for this list).

St. Louis Los Angeles Rams


Congratulations to the Rams for picking up Jared Goff in the draft. That could pay off big time if the Rams ever get a few receivers on the roster. On the bright side, the fans in LA are sure to embrace a team that will probably win 4 or 5 games, right?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Jameis Winston seems like the real deal, but a new head coach and a pretty atrocious defense suggest this will be a 7-win kind of season for the Bucs. Even in the suspect NFC, it’s hard to see this team breaking even.

San Francisco 49ers


You go 5-11 and your answer is…Chip Kelly? The same Chip Kelly who destroyed the Eagles franchise for years to come? Okay, let’s give the 49ers the benefit of the doubt and assume they hired a completely different Chip Kelly than the one the rest of the league thought was radioactive after his short stint in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles


Of all the teams on this list, the Eagles are the closest to having a chance to win the Super Bowl, sitting at a lofty 65-1 odds by some Vegas standards. And hey, that’s better than nothing. The only problem? Given the Sam Bradford fiasco, it’s actually possible you might be quarterbacking the team opening week.

Cleveland Browns


Browns are gonna Brown. It’s cliche. It’s sad. But it’s true.