Drinking Game Rules: Circle of Death



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If you’re at a low key get together, and there is beer and a deck of cards, you’re going to play Circle of Death. You might call it something different, of course.

Ring of Fire. Kings. King’s Cup. Oval of Fire. Jug. Donut.

All of them are the same game, which is a fun way to pass some time while drinking, but which you almost always have to double check the rules online before you play. So let us help you out there.

What You Need: Beer, a deck of cards, friends (nothing is sadder than playing Ring of Fire by your damn self)

Set up: Take a deck of cards and spread out the cards so they are in a circle, with a hole in the middle. Place a can of beer in that hole.

How to Play: Going clockwise, pull a card. Based on what the card is, you either drink, have others drink, or force a game of sorts. When you’re done doing what your card requires, put the card under the tab of the beer.

Center Beer Rules: Once enough cards are put under the tab of the beer to make crack it open, the person putting that card has to chug that beer.

Broken Ring Rules: You have to chug your beverage if you are the first person to “break the circle” of cards by taking a card that results in the ring no longer being entirely connected all the way around.