8 No-Good, Horrible, Just Bad Referee Calls

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Referees are necessary. They keep a game running smoothly and have a responsibility to make sure the game is played as intended. And it’s a tough job. They get almost no credit when they do their job in the best way possible, and get a ton of hate when they don’t call a play exactly the way the fans want, even if the call is completely justified.

Everyone is indifferent toward referees until something big happens, and when they’re in the spotlight it’s almost never good for them. That being said, if you take a referee job, you have to always be on your A-game because that little yellow flag can have a huge impact.

There have been plenty of times a play is extremely controversial and a referee had to make a judgement call. Fans may not like it, but that’s the way of the game. These calls, however, do not fall under that category.

The following eight calls are so awful anyone would suggest sending the refs straight to Footlocker, where they can dress the same without f*cking up our precious games.

Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers — 2008

This moment in NFL history shows just how much a blown call can impact the overall outcome of the game.

In the video, you’ll see Jay Cutler look to pass and watch the ball slip from his hands as he’s about to throw, bounce on the ground, and get recovered by San Diego. The referee blew the whistle when it hit the ground, thinking it was an incomplete pass, although you can clearly see Cutler look behind him towards the ball when it falls from his grip, so even from this angle you know it wasn’t anywhere close to being a forward pass.

After the play was reviewed, it was determined that Jay Cutler had, in fact, fumbled the football, although they could not award San Diego the ball because the whistle had been blown before they recovered, signaling that the play was over. Denver then went on to score a touchdown and get the two-point conversion, winning the game 39-38. So, not only was this a horrible call, but it actually cost the Chargers the game.

Jess Matarazzo

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  1. Really? You don’t mention the snowbowl Patriots Raiders for AFC Title? Worst call in NFL history!