7 Times Mascots Didn’t Give A F*ck

Jess Matarazzo

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Being a mascot has to be so much fun.

Well, once you get past the hot, smelly suit that’s covered in the dried sweat and tears from mascots before you. Looking beyond that, the possibilities are endless. No one knows who’s in the suit, so there’s no worry about embarrassing yourself. In fact, the sillier a mascot, the more loved he (or she) generally is.

Mascots can get away with almost anything. They know this, and so there are plenty of times that mascots have pushed boundaries, farther than just doing a little dance on the sideline.

Orbit – Houston Astros

Orbit was just having a little bit of fun with the fans as usual when he saw an opportunity to cause some mischief.

The Houston Astros mascot summoned an excited cotton candy vendor to the field to play catch, leaving the tray of cotton candy unattended. Just as he lured the vendor far enough away from his tasty treats, Orbit ran up, snatched the tray and started tossing free cotton candy to the crowd. The fans of course were thrilled. The cotton candy vendor? Not so much.

Jess Matarazzo