13 Best College Football Traditions

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Many people that went to a big school will tell you football is one of, if not the best, parts about it. With football games come the camaraderie, the pride, the tailgating, and of course, the traditions.

A school’s traditions make it unique.

It’s about having thousands of people share a specific moment together.

It’s having another family outside of your own.

It’s shouting “GAME” at a complete stranger and not getting offended that they yell “COCKS!” back at you. This sense of community that comes with football and traditions is what makes these universities so special to us. We all have ours, but these 13 below are really something.

1. University of Southern California

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At the beginning of every USC game, a single drum major walks out alone to the center of the field and dramatically plunges his sword into the ground. You’d be right to expect that this would get a crazy reaction from the Trojans every time, but the people who weren’t too thrilled were fans in the opposing teams’ stadiums.

Yes, USC did this at away games as well. People acted like stabbing their field was like stabbing them in the heart, but honestly, those types of reactions are the ones that encourage teams to continue pulling stunts like this. Knowing your opponent gets worked up about something and then doing it anyway. Hilarious.

Unfortunately, UCLA eventually got so upset they put their foot down and decided they would no longer allow the Trojans to continue this tradition in their stadium. What a bunch of cry babies. If I were the Trojans, I would’ve stabbed that damn field anyway.

Jess Matarazzo