The 6 Worst Types of Beer Pong Partners

Jess Matarazzo

Jess Matarazzo

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Choosing a partner in beer pong is strategic, and if you’re not careful, you’ll be off the table before you can say “rerack.” Next time you play, make sure you avoid these six types of people. Or check out the six partners you DO want.

The Clumsy One


This is the guy that no one ever wants on their team because he’s more likely to knock over his own cups than he is to make a shot. He may be that guy that gets a little sloppy after two drinks, or maybe he’s just particularly uncoordinated, but whatever the reason, he is toxic to any beer pong team. He’s probably the reason half the people at the party have beer stains on their shoes and should really come with his own Splash Zone warning. Plus, you never really forgave him for that time he single-handedly lost you the game in one turn when he bulldozed three of your cups in an attempt to block a bounce shot that still went in.

Jess Matarazzo