The 6 Best Types Of Beer Pong Partners

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Now that you know just which partners to avoid, you’re halfway to finding the perfect beer pong team. As long as you’re a decent player, having an average partner will give you a chance, but if you really want to shine, try to pair up with one of these six people.

The One That Can Hold His Alcohol


There’s nothing worse than having a partner you think is great, only to find out after a few games that you were seriously wrong. Being good at beer pong sober is nothing to brag about, what you want is a partner that will last on the table all night. That will never happen if your once straight-shooter starts becoming a clumsy, blundering idiot after five beers. Find someone you know can hold his alcohol and will remain somewhat in control or you’ll find yourself watching your dreams of being the champs crash down in front of you somewhere around game four.

The Secret Weapon


The Secret Weapon of any beer pong team is the guy that has the killer bounce shot. Somewhere along the way, he mastered this useful skill that many will never possess. He always knows the perfect moment to catch the other team off guard, and stealthily goes in for the kill. The guy is truly a gem; having someone that consistently makes two cups at a time will guarantee you a spot on the table the whole night.

The Defender


If you’re playing the team with The Secret Weapon, you better hope you have this guy or girl on your side. The Defender has unbreakable concentration and is always paying attention, even if he doesn’t appear to be. His peripheral vision is perfect and just when you think your bounce shot is going in he’ll slap your ball clear across the room. Definitely the most underrated type of partner, but one that could save you the game.

Jess Matarazzo