5 Beer Pong Rules That Should Be Abolished



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We’ve already told you what beer pong rules you should be following as your very own house rules, and that’s a good baseline for how you should be living your beer pong life. But beer pong is way more complicated than we give it credit for, which has allowed some house rules to sneak in that are absolute garbage fire.

You definitely know someone who plays by these rules, and you should send them this article to tell them that Noncoverage Sports thinks they’re a bunch of fucking rookies. Come at us, bro.

Courtesy Rule

Very few people practice this rule, but those that do are absolute zealots about it. They feel, no matter what the situation is, as soon as you get down to the final two cups, they are automatically re-racked in a single line formation. It basically gives you three re-racks in a game, which is way more re-racks than anyone should ever have. Usually to play the final three cups, you need to have some skill and strategy. Do you line up bozo buckets and hope you don’t sink the middle? Or do you play it safe with the triangle? Either way, this is part of the game that’s actually engaging that is ripped away from you get a neat little two cup runway no matter what you do.

Oh, and courtesy in overtime? The worst. As soon as you sink a cup you’ve got two clear lined up shots, so enjoy watching everyone else at the party get visibly frustrated when you go into your sixth goddamn overtime. Do not do courtesy.


Pull A Cup If You Overshoot The Table

“Hey, let’s play a game of beer pong! By the way I arbitrarily decided that if you miss the table you have to pull one of your cups. I play beer pong like I have sex — at least half the people involved are mad at the end, and it’s over in two minutes.”

That’s you. That’s how you sound if you go by this rule.